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Hi, I'm about to upgrade my 19 inch 1280x1024 monitor. I have always been minimalist about graphics but by now I really want to have an actual gaming experience. I am planning to spend a big part of my budget on gpu and cpu so I really need to be careful about monitor selection, I won't be able to change it.

Here are my questions:

- Do you regret changing your monitor from IPS to TN in terms of picture quality? (theoretical comments are also appreciated)

- As far as I know, both IPS and TN monitors have 16.7m color range. What makes TN worse?

- Will there be a noticeable smoothness with a 120hz panel for even rpg-rts games compared to 60hz?

- Is there a way to cap vsync at 120 fps for games that only support 60 fps capped vsync?

- What actually affects tearing rate? I mean, does a bigger "gpu output fps/your monitor's refresh rate" mean more tearing?

- Can you really notice the clarity difference between a 23 inch panel and a 27 inch one from the same distance, on the same resolution?

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  1. the amount of colors a monitor can reproduce is measured in bit depth.

    tn, va and e-ips panels are 6bit.
    s-ips and p-ips are 8bit
    h-ips is 10bit.

    the higher the bit depth the more color accurate the monitor is.

    an e-ips panel even though it is still 6bit like tn you get a wider viewing angle. tn panels have a bad viewing angle and often create inverted colors or grey outs when outside the optimum viewing range of only a few degrees. some coatings can expand this but they are still FAR from perfect.

    120hz to 60hz can be a noticible difference but some people (myself included) dont see a huge difference. my eyes pick up on bad viewing angles and bad color reproduction more.

    there is a difference in clarity between 23 and 27 but not enough to be impractical. normally i suggest staying in the 22-24" range unless you have bad vision or like things larger by preference.

    if a game doesnt support 120hz and only supports 60hz i'm not sure if there is a way to bypass this. in the worst case scenario you would just get duplicate frames (hence 60hz)


    personally i prefer color accuracy and viewing angle but some prefer faster response times (which are negligible anyways) and 120hz
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