Please help, new system won't boot

hey guys i just built my computer today and everything seems fine except when i turn it on, all the fans and everything go on and the hard drives spin and everything is normal except it makes a continuous beeping noise and won't show anything on the screen, i don't know what to do. pleeeease help!!
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  1. Try reseating your memory. Matter of fact, try reseating everything--but memory can be difficult to get shoved in the slot just right. You might want to try resetting your CMOS, too.

    Does the pilot light on the monitor stay amber, or does it turn green? If it turns green, some signal is getting to the monitor. I'm thinking the memory is not quite in, though.

  2. i reseated my memory, but it still beeps, i'm gonna try to remove one stick of memory and keep one in. maybe the memory is bad, i have no idea what to do......i have an asus A7m266 board with corsair 2400 512 ram
  3. Try one stick of memory in each of the slots. I had a b*tch of a time getting my memory seated in my Shuttle AK31 when I installed it. The Asus website is acting up--the manuals won't open, so I can't check what the manual says.

    Continous beep is memory problem, right gang? Or is it processor not seated? I haven't had this problem in awhile, so I don't remember.

  4. One continuous beep signifies a Power supply or mobo issue.
    "Mobo issue" is pretty broad though. Could be bad RAM, could be you have a fan plugged in the wrong place, etc. etc.
  5. it still won't boot, i've configured the memory in every way possible and checked the connections. I have two hds hooked up to a promise fasttrak tx2 controller and a dvd drive and a burner hooked up to the secondary ide on the motherboard. I've tried disconnecting that too but it just keeps on beeping. I bought my RAM from pc progress and it's supposed to be an authorized dealer, what am i supposed to do now?
  6. Any other RAM mods lying around?
  7. Disconnect the raid controller, and hook up just one harddrive and see if that helps. Is the contoller a card (I don't know anything about raid)? If so, try taking it out.

    Strip the board down to one harddrive, vid card, one stick of memory, and keyboard and mouse. No cdrom drives or sound cards, please :)

    Reset the CMOS, and try again.

    Gotta go now, I'll check your progress later.

    Good luck--I know what a pain in the 'hind end this sort of thing can be.

  8. how do i reset the cmos?
  9. Just remove the quarter sized battery from the mobo, wait a few seconds, and pop it back in.

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  10. it didn't fix the problem, do you think i should return the memory?
  11. If you have any other RAM modules laying around, try them.
    If not, I suppose exchange the ones you have. It would be unusual to receive two sticks of bad RAM though.

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  12. one more thing....i checked the voltage settings, and it turns out they sent me the board with the jumpers on something that was not the default. VIO1 was set at 2.8 volts i set it back to the default 2.7 volts..........VIO was set at 3.45 volts i set it back to the default 3.30 volts.......would this have anything to do with the problem, i have a 1.4 ghz cpu.
  13. Hope you know that DDR normally runs at 2.5v. 2.7v MAY be the default for the mainboard, but it sure isn't for your memory. Remove the jumper completely to set to 2.5v. This is unlisted in the manual. Go to for an explanation about this. Go to mainboard reviews, and click on Asus A7M266.
  14. i removed the jumper but the same problem persisted
  15. Quote:
    it makes a continuous beeping noise and won't show anything on the screen

    Try to reseat your video card!

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  16. i'm not a complete idiot, i've reseated everything a million times, i'm starting to think that either both dimms are defective or the motherboard is not compatabile with pc2400 ram
  17. You problem as continuous beep happened to me long time ago when my AGP card was not completely seated in its slot (on Asus A7V at its top notch), and all I had to do is pushed it a little further. That's why I asked you reseat it because it's easy to be overlooked.
    BTW, did you try a different video card? Either AGP or PCI to see if it boots?

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  18. Quote:
    <i><font color=green>“…it makes a continuous beeping noise and won't show anything on the screen “</i></font color=green>

    Re: PoppaSteve: ”...Continous beep is memory problem, right gang? "

    Beep Code:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Troubleshooting BIOS Beep Codes – <b>Award BIOS:</b>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">1 Long Beep: Memory problem</A>

    Troubleshooting BIOS Beep Codes – <b>AMI BIOS:</b>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">One Beep: DRAM refresh failure </A>
  19. strip the comp down to mobo, ram, keyboard, vid card (w/monitor) and floppy...see if it posts with a boot disk in the a drive, if so then add one component at a time untill it won't boot anymore. then there's your problem component...btw, just use one stick of ram and consult your manual to make sure it's in the primary crappy board is numbered 1,3,2 for some reason...

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  20. Take the motherboard out of the case and also remove the power supply. With the board on the table only use the floppy drive Vid card, and memory. I know you think you have seated the memory properly but trust me DDR goes in very very hard on a virgin slot. Take it out and try again. Now with the motherboard on the test table and not the case try to see if it boots. If it does you may have shorted the board out against the case on the install. Let me know what you find out.

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  21. sounds like a graphics card problem to me... had the same thing... my didnt secure my card right so it came coming loose... beep beep beep.... shut up you evil inamimate object which moves... make sure its in properly...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  22. I am almost positive i have installed everything correctly, i have checked and rechecked and redone over and over and over, but it still just beeps. I looked over the corsair boards and it appears a lot of people with the 2400 a2m266 combination are having the same problems. The only thing that is stopping me from going out and buying new ram is that i want to be positive it is the ram.........however, when i turn the psu on and then turn the machine on with the power button, it will go on, but it won't shut off unless i turn off the psu from the back, also the hd led light does not go on, is it supposed to? I have checked these connections on the motherboard and they are correct.
  23. do you think increasing the voltage to the memory might make the mobo detect it?? just an idea. or will it screw something up?
  24. I also heard that the cpu fan has to be plugged into #1 not #2 on the board. This has cause some pcs not to boot.

  25. screw this, i have checked everything a million times and everyone who has had an asus a7m266 and pc2400 board has had problems form what i've read. fuc8 corsair! I'm gonna get registered crucial ram
  26. Go Mushkin DDR PC2100 CL=2 instead. 40 bucks for 256MB's.
  27. what id do it make sure the wires for the leds power switch and reset button are all wired up right... i think that that is about the most complex part of building a computer and even that is easy if you are careful...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  28. It should handle pc2400ddr alright, as boondock said check yer MB book and make sure all jumpers are set right especially the voltage jumper as mine came set at 2.6v and should be 2.5v and may need a jumper in place for default 2.5v , make sure all connections are right and that way you can eliminate the obvious. Hopefully you are not shorting the board to the frame either.

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