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HIiiii alll

When I install my vga driver on my windows 7 on biostar mother board the pc is not shutting down properly i.e the fans keep rotating & after few minutes the pc starts up again. But when i install the same on xp that works perfect. I don't where is the problem exactly.

My mother board-H61MLV2 Ver. 8.0
OS-Windows 7 Ultimate x64
No graphics card

Thanks in advance.
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  1. make sure you are using the newest drivers from the biostar can also download intel chipset driver utility if your system is intel based to search for drivers you have missed to install
  2. Thanks for your reply

    But i installed all my drivers except VGA and then created a restore point and the installed VGA driver (latest). After that I got the problem then I restored my system then everything worked as usual. But in xp mode after installing VGA this shutting down problem does not come.
  3. what integrated graphics are you using? its some driver error with your graphics and the new operating system...
  4. sorry
    I didn't understand what are you asking about.
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