Overheating even after cleaning and replacing paste

Hi All, hope someone can help me, please.

I have a Toshiba L350 with Intel T3200 dual core processor. I was getting overheating (up to 71C) so I stripped it down and cleaned out fan, fins, removed heatsink, cleaned it and processor top with alc and replaced paste, but after all that - it was still overheating. It's a little less hot (up to 67C, but I haven't put in under pressure) but the fan runs immediately on startup and doesn't stop. Checked temp with speedfan and shows around mid 60s C.

I removed the heatsink twice more and replaced paste (Artic Silver Ceramique) twice but still same problem. I replaced the sticky pad on the GPU with the same one as before - same heatsink does both main processor and GPU.

Any ideas what could be the problem? I also upgraded the BIOS (reflashed) to the latest.
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  1. Hi,

    Pentium Dual Core's are safe upto 100 degrees according to the intel website so you should be ok with mid 60's. Also I have a Studio laptop with a Dual Core as well and thatt's been running just fine for the past 2 and a half years at those kind of temps.

    The general consensus is you should keep the CPU temp 20 degrees under the rated temperature and you should be fine.

    Hope this helps!
  2. Hi Chad, thanks for the reply. I certainly feel better to know that, so maybe I'll just carry on. The only thing annoying me is that the fan starts up at top speed as soon as I boot up and doesn't stop then. Also, I'm pretty sure the temps were in the 40s maybe up to about 57max at top load (now reach early 70s at top load) so I'm still wondering what has changed in my system.
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