Windows 7 will not install latest graphics driver

I have downloaded and installed the latest driver from NVIDIA website (version 310.90 WHQL) but device manager in windows 7 64 bit keeps telling me I have version
What can I do?

Graphics card is GEforce 560
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  1. If you have a look at the last four digits of your driver, it claims it is 31090. I guess Nvidia must refer to them putting the decimal point at different positions.
    I think you're up to date.
  2. Did you check to see if the driver release supports the card ?
    And did you also uninstall the old driver first.
  3. Download GPU-Z, or HWInfo, to see what driver version it shows.

    Windows is going to report different unless the driver is WQHL certified (which this one is). All it means is that nVidia paid M$ to verify the driver compatibility through their OS.

    You are indeed running the latest version by what you are telling us but GPU-Z will allow you to see if for yourself :)
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