1.2ghz comp will only boot when at 900mhz

I just put my new system together...It's an AMD Athlon 1.2ghz with 266FSB and 256 DDR memory using the ECS K7AMA mobo (AMI BIOS).
When I boot the computer up, it locks up before it tries to access the HD or floppy drive.

However, when I uderclocked the FSB to 200 (making 900mhz clock speed) it boots up just fine. I was even able to instll windows 98 while it was at 900mhz.

The cpu core temp at 900mhz is around 40-50C. At 1.2ghz, it has reached 55C, still within 'safe' tempertures.... so I don't think heat is the only thing to blame.

The last message one the screan before it freezes is:

Press F10 key to change boot strap selection.
Current Selection is... Disable Network boot.....

I took the computer with me to the last local LANparty. People were saying that it may be a bad motherboard or cpu... I don't really think that's it since it runs well with 900mhz. Should I just try to flash the BIOS?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. do you hapen to have a friend at that lan with a 1.2 athlon that you could use to check?

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  2. someone suggestested that at the lan, but we didn't have any one willing to give up their cpu.
  3. go back to the store (or call the dealer) and make it sound as if you're sure it's the cpu's fault (you don't know what it is so you're not lying...if you care) and try and get them to send you another one. then at least you can rule out the cpu.

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  4. I bought this as a barebones system from AmeriComp (found on pricewatch). I'm going to give them a call tomorrow and see if they have any ideas... but so far the tech support has been VERY poor. Does the temperture seem hot to you? My friend's 1.4 Athlon runs much cooler (around 33C).

    BTW The chip is from the AXIA line
  5. i hate to tell this buyt it looks like other people have had similar problems like you

    go the this page<A HREF="http://www.resellerratings.com/comview.cgi?Americomp,Inc" target="_new">http://www.resellerratings.com/comview.cgi?Americomp,Inc</A>

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  6. That doesn't look very encouraging... I only live 2 hours and 30 minutes from their office, so as a last resort I could drive down and deal with them in person.
  7. see if they'll either give you your money back or ship you a new system...cite the article too. the dorks you talk to on the phone aren't techies they're profesional phone jocks who're good at blowing you off. if i were you i'd be pissed, so make sure you sound like it, scare the guy and ask for a manager.

    another idea, i do this with banks and things but it might work on a support line: they always tell you that they're recording the conversation to ensure "quality assistance", as soon as the guy picks up tell him that you're recording the conversation as well (don't just say it, do it too).

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  8. whats the rating of your powersupply just out of intrest?

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  9. its the ram... thats teh first check... before the hdd and floppy etc...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  10. Assuming that you have the 133 fsb jumper enabled, you may very well have a bad board. I had a similar problem. Once a new board and cpu would not load windows at the default settings. I then lowered the fsb from 100 to 95 and it worked great. To be safe, I returned both the motherboard and cpu for replacement.
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