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Sony vs Samsung laptop

Hello, I am looking into a Samsung RV511 or a Sony Vaio VPCEB33FM

Both have very similar configuration, other than the HD on the Samsung is 500GB vs 350on the Sony (something it is not a big deal for me). Both 4gb Ram, Intel i3 core, etc.

Can any expert recommend me what would be the best purchase?


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  1. Hello paulbll;

    Can you shop at stores other than BestBuy?
  2. I wish I could as I am not crazy about Best Buy and I like to support smaller stores, however as I am starting a small business and money is tight I need to take advantage of their financing options right now.
  3. Either of those laptops will do a good job for you.
    Since it's less expensive the Samsung would be a good option.
    It's had good reviews: Samsung RV511-AO1
  4. Another option you might want to checkout is financing a laptop through Dell:
    Dell Vostro 3500 Small Business Laptop $490

    Or Dell Inspiron 15R $500 or $485 if you finance with the Dell Preferred Account (3% discount)

    See details here:
  5. Thanks for your feedback WR2. I've had a couple of Dell laptops and I was happy with the first one and had a ton of problems with the second one (inspiron e5105) actually that was sent to replace a new one I bought after having tons of issues and finally getting Dell to replace it. Also in my experience they run too hot, the battery does not last long and I had to replace the AC power thing a few times and they stop working. So I am done with Dell.

    I saw some good Toshibas and a Lenovo in the same price range as the Samsung and the Vaio. I liked the Samsung but I was not crazy (and surprised) about their screen resolution (though I played around with the settings for a while), other than that it looks good, light, not loaded with a ton of annoying pre installed software, etc. I need to see if the Sony, Lenovo (that has no HDMI unfortunately) or Toshiba has a better screen resolution, something that I look in a computer (that to me is more important than for example a huge hard drive)

    Do you have any experience on this?

    Thanks again

  6. Since the screen resolution is the same 1366 x 768 on the Sony and Samsung (and probably the same on all laptops in that price range Im guessing you're actually talking about some other screen property besides screen resolution?

    If you're not able to view the screens yourself about the only way to know more is to try and find some independent online reviews of the models you're looking at.
  7. Best answer
    Sony VAIO VPC-EB33FM review
    Samsung RV511-S02 Notebook (slightly different model than the A01 you're looking at but the majority of properties should be the same. A model suffix number change might mean something like a different hard disk capacity or a different graphics card.

    Looking at the two reviews it seems you may have been noticing the Samsung anti-glare matte finish on the screen.
    On most (non-business) models you have the glare/glossy type screens. Most business class notebooks have the matte finish.
  8. You are right in regards to the resolution being the same, I guess my lack of knowledge in computer matters sometimes do not allow me to be very clear in what I am trying to say. In this case I was not impressed with the definition of the screen, could this be due to the graphic card? Does the Sony one is better in your opinion?

    For example I played a demo video that comes included and when I used full screen there was some pixelation. I was suprised that my old Dell seemed to have better definition though it is a much older laptop (it has the Rytheon ATI video card (?) I believe). I appreciate your input.
  9. It could also have been that the screens were operating under different default settings for brightness, contrast, color temperature, etc. You'd want to make sure all settings were the same for a fair test.

    And it could be the difference in appearance is down to a lower quality LCD screen. It's one area where you can save a bit to keep the cost lower.
    Sony and Dell seem to choose higher quality LCD screens, which is why the prices can be higher than MFGRs.

    The pixelation you noted is most likely due to a 480p 4:3 aspect ratio video (for example) being 'forced' fullscreen and displayed on a 16:9 aspect ratio screen.
  10. Thanks again WR2, so (and sorry if I am being repetitive here) from the specs does the Sony seem to have a better quality video screen and card than the Samsung?
  11. The Marketing (Overview tab) and Specifications (Specifications tab) info on the BestBuy website give no indication which has a better quality video screen. This is something you appear to have observed yourself while viewing the laptops.

    The 'graphics card' is identical in every respect - Intel HD Graphics.

    The specifications that are different are things like: (Samsung/Sony)
    weight: 5.3 lbs / 5.9 lbs
    CPU: Core i3-380M 2.53 GHz / Core i3-370M 2.4 GHz
    HDD: 500GB / 320GB
  12. The two online reviews - Sony @ PCworld & Samsung @ Notebookcheck aren't technical enough when talking about the laptop screens to do a true comparison and let me offer an opinion.

    It seems the PCworld reviewer liked the Sony screen better the reviewer from Notebookcheck like the Samsung.
    From your comments you prefer the Sony screen.
    There really isn't much else to go on besides what you've already read and see for yourself.
  13. I guess you are right, the Samsung seems like a great computer but I will try to see it side to side with the Sony and see if the Sony really has a difference in the screen department. And you are right they are basically the same (other than the capacity of the HD). I'll keep you posted and tell you what I finally did.

    Thanks again WR2.

  14. Hi WR2

    I finally went with the Samsung and took it back and exchanged it for the Sony. I tell you what has been my experience.

    The Samsung was a nice machine, quick, not preloaded with tons of useless software. Good looks, though the plastic seemed a bit on the cheap side. Very light and pretty thin, did not run too hot. However I took it back as I was not crazy with the screen definition. I was surprised that the demo at the store looked much better. The sales guy said it could have been the screen and he was happy to replace it, but I went with the Sony.

    The Vaio is nice, looks good, a bit more solid than the Samsung, a tiny bit heavier (something that for me is good so it does not fly over the table when I open the lid..). Now the sound on the Sony...surprised how weak it is, not up to Sony usual standards.

    In any case, I looked around and I have decided to go with a Lenovo, seems to be a bit better on the sound and graphic department and I hope this is the end of the story. Just my two cents.


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