Need Help with an ASUS K53E, error 0x0000e9

So, this morning, after shutting my laptop for a little bit and coming back to it, I found myself confronted with a black screen reading "ERROR UNEXPECTED I\O PROBLEM ERROR:0x00000e9", so I tried a few things, but F8 wouldn't work so I inserted my Recovery disk and this allowed me to access the boot menu, but I cannot seem to get anything to run or boot off the disk except the system restore function. Safe Mode won't work so I can't run CHKDISK to see what the actual problem is, the little loading screen with the Windows logo on the black screen appears and then it says "LOADING WINDOWS FILES" if by this point I have hit F8, it will take me to the boot menu, but if I don't I get a background picture with the ASUS logo and an AI Recovery window asking me "Are you ready to restore this image" which will apparently overwrite my hard drive. Now, I'm reluctant to do this as I have a lot of stuff on this that isn't backed up and which I would prefer not to lose. I did drop my laptop about three months ago, and the casing was damaged, but I don't think that had that destroyed the memory, it would have taken this long for the problem to manifest itself.

If anyone can help me fix this in a way which doesn't overwrite my hard drive I'd be incredibly grateful.

Moreover, is this a software problem, or do I need to take this into the shop?

I'm hoping that it's a software problem if only because I have data on there which I need to access rather soon, so prompt help would be really appreciated.
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    A I/O problem is not good. sounds like the drive. have you removed the hard drive and reinserted it into the computer?

    this may help

    How would I go about removing and reinserting the drive?

    Also, I don't have a Windows 7 disk, I have a recovery disk which I made, but it doesn't appear to have startup repair.
  2. Model and make K53E-RBR4 for laptop
    For hard drive: WDC WD6400BPVT-80HXZT3

    I'm booting off of a system recovery disk I made when I first got the computer.
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