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What's the advantage of a laptop with a built-in TV tuner?

What's the advantage of a laptop with a built-in TV tuner? What channel lineup can be viewed for free? Broadcast only?
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  1. You can watch TV on will be able to view whatever you can on your service .... that is the same you would see on your home TV.......split the feed going to your home TV and connect one end to your laptop.
  2. Thanks.
    Can't I do the same using just a monitor without a tuner, or a computer, for that matter? I'm new at this, so this reply might seem silly to techies, but a further explanation would be appreciated.
  3. Hello vinny27;

    There are different types of TV tuners. Have a specific make and model you're asking about?
    Or have a make and model of laptop with the tuner?
  4. The laptop I'm lookintg at, an Asus N53SV A-1 describes the tuner as: Hybrid TV (Analog+DVB-T). I hope that helps. Is it true that I cannot watch TV on my laptop without a tuner, ie, excluding websites like ESPN3, which broadcast only their content?
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    To what TV on monitor:
    The monitor Must have either
    A tuner (mine does), or
    a spare input, composite video, or HDMI. Then you can hook up say a DVD recorder that has a tuner built in, which I also have. I have a TV ant hooked to the co-ax input and can recieve over-the-air local tv channels. The DVD recorder I have uses the cable input so that I can either watch a cable channel on monitor, or record the channel onto a DVD and whatch latter, like on my laptop.

    To get TV onto the compute requires a card that can decode the signal. Older desktops could use the ATI all-in-wonder card which was a GPU with a built in tv tunner, Was discontinued - ATI would NOT put out a driver for new system and also stopped making the card.

    Apparently your laptop has a bult in tunner card. Should have a Co-ox connector to recieve over-the-air broadcast. Try it a cheap Ant is about 15 -> 20 bucks, bought on at Big-lots. You can also try connecting your cable (again co-ax) to the laptop. You should also have a remote just like a TV for the laptop.

    I just googled your Laptop and saw nothing that indicated it had a built in tuner. If it has a tuner it should have a co-ax connector
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  7. You have been very helpful...thanks
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