Heat should be ??? AMD 1.4 266 MHz

Ok, so I finally went broke and got a everything machine.

My question is what should the AMD 1.4 266MHz be running at temp wise? Kicking the crap outta mine, I'm at 57! which is sortta scaring me but I don't know what is normal on that chip.

It's a 512 Meg DDR box on a MSI K7 Master, 2 large fans on the case back, pulling air out, neatly tucked and tied cables, so there are no airflow problems. The place I bought it from put the heatsink and chip on the board (ie: I wasn't going to do it then have them say I cooked the system)

It is not overclocked at all.

Cards installed: VisionTek GeForce 3, SB Live Digital, 3Com 905B-TX.

AOPEN 16/12/32 CDRW & a NEC 16x DVD & 80 Gig WD ATA 100.

I've read lots of posts about temp problems, but didn't find anything stating what the system should be at
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  1. When i first installed my new system a couple days ago it started up at 70 degrees!that sucked..i go it down to 60-63 now its down to 53-57...which still isnt too good but i run it for a little while at a time...im buying a new swift tech heatsink today with some artic silver 2 to drop it another 10 degrees or so...so an ideal temp for 1.4 should be around 30-45 degrees celcius...try and get down to that range..i suggest getting a new heatsink/fan and some artic silver 2 thermal compound if you can..
  2. dude, get used to high temps with AMD's premiere Burnt Offering. from this day forth you will check temps every hour on the hour, have a minor stroke(before your old enough)when temps get out of hand, panic when the alarm goes off! enjoy your new 'puter.

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  4. For a start the HSF is probably not good enough, it was prolly installed with a thermal pad instead of artic silver II thermal paste. To top it off I believe some temp probes do not read right, and around 40- 50 deg celsius underload is good for a cpu temp..

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  5. this is quite possibly the most common topic on this board, just browse the board for a few minutes and you should find lots of different oppinions.

    personaly, if i remember right, you're well within spec. and i'm betting the people who put your hsf on didn't put on a very good one (if they did, then you've got a problem). i think you're fine, but for your peace of mind you could buy a better cooler and your temp should drop nicely. also, you may actualy have an airflow problem, most powersuply fans blow air out of the case, if you're other two fans are also blowing out, you're not doing much good. slap another one on the front that pulls cool air in.

    article reviewing 46 cpu coolers <A HREF="http://www6.tomshardware.com/cpu/01q2/010521/index.html" target="_new">here</A>

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