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I'm trying to delete a file in my documents and it keeps saying could not find this item. Item not found. But its clearly in my documents. Any suggestions to delete this?
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  1. right click on the document and check the properties (size etc.). It could also be indexed but not actually physically there. Last time that happened to me I just booted up into Ubuntu and deleted it that way. if it's a tmp file, it could've been created using word or photoshop and now that the program has been closed it's been removed but the indexing service still left the file there.
  2. refresh the folder... it may already be deleted.
  3. Try deleting it in safe mode. Select the file, hold the shift key, and press delete.
  4. Sometimes I got files that said "can't delete, you have no authorization" or something like that. I used FileAssassin by MalwareBytes and it was gone in no time.
  5. Yes, try refreshing the folder, this also happens to me using win7 and the files in the real player folder after i delete them
  6. You do not say if you can open the file. If you can it is there, if not it may be as stated and index error. You can turn off indexing and see if it goes away. Indexing is of some value if you do a lot of searching, if not you may get a bit better system performance with it turned off. File assassin is great.
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