New Extreme build won't install windows

Hi there

I am in a big puddle of trouble here and I seek help, I have recently built my 1st PC tower and all hardware checks out fine, but windows 8 and 7 all freezed on the logo screen where the circle is spining, I had friends over to look at it and they couldnt tell what was the problem.

My Specs are:
Case: Xigmatek Elysim
Motherboard: Asrock X79 Extream 9
Ram: G Skill Trident X 32Gb (8Gb x 4) @ 2400mhz
Processor: Intel i7 3960x Extreme
Cooling: Corsair i100 watercooling unit
GPU: Club 3D 7970 RoyalQueen
PSU: XFX Limted Pro Platinum 1000W
SSD: Crucial V4 256GB
HDD: Seagate 3TB
DVD: LG DVD drive

Once again, all hardware checks out fine but both versions of windows won't install and all freezes on the logo screen.

I have tried both USB and DVD boot and it's the same result.

can someone who experienced the same problem help me please, thanks you so much.
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  1. Try installing on the hard drive instead of the SSD, or try connecting the drives to different SATA ports. Particularly if you haven't connected them to the native (X79-controlled) SATA3 ports.
  2. Trying using one or two rams only, also take out one of the hard drive completely. Check bios if all settings are showing right numbers for respective components. GL
  3. Very nice build

    Update your BIOS

    Anyway moving on clear you bios, then load default setting in the bios. Make sure that you see all your drives, and that sata or achi settings are enabled. The best way to install Windows 8 is though a USB key.
  4. Oh an make sure you ram XMP is enabled and disconnect all non-essentials UBS devices printer, hubs, webcams. Try the USB install again!
  5. As Sakkura said, also.....

    Are you able to get into the BIOS? if not very carefully recheck ALL wiring and device/card/module/etc seating - I know it's a pain but something might have been overlooked or hooked up/inserted wrong (it happens).

    If you are able to get into the BIOS and the system remains stable here check that everything looks ok and all devices are detected (some e.g. the SSD might need additional drivers during Windows install for detection - not so much with newer boards/etc).

    What messages do you see during boot?
    I take it you can't boot into the Windows dvd? (system hangs before this?)
  6. I see you're duplicate posting - there's a few suggestions above for you to try out and get back to us about. Unfortunately, some do require a bit of work (an instant fix isn't always possible)

    Additionally, give it some time for replies.
  7. hey guys, sorry I totally forgot about this post, I eventually figured out it was the wireless card, when I took it out everything worked fine, don't know why it was jamming the system, but now I'm just using a wireless USB stick to connect to the internet. Thank you for your help everyone :)
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