Where do i get a recovery cd for acer travelmate

Hello everyone i have a acer travelmate 2700 notebook it is about 7 years old.i am trying to clean up the system and start from fresh .few years ago i have done a recovery on the system using the cd/dvd that it came with but the problem is i have lost themso now what do i do.i have checked on the acer website but i cannot find anything.any help is appreciatted .thank you.
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  1. you might be able to burn the recovery cd. Check the Acer folder under Startup button. There mightr be something like Acer Managament. It is an app that creates the discs. Also see if the hard drive has a hidden recovery partition. Right-click Computer (or My Computer), click on Manage, select Disk Management. If there is a hidden partition it should be around 11-12GB size.

    If all fails you need to talk to Acer customer support. The recovery discs are never free download. It might not be listed in the website but you can buy them from Acer.

    Good luck.
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