AMD Palomino 1.2 vs. AMD 1.33GHz 266 FSB

Just curious, which of these chips would be better for a gaming system? What are the basic differences between the chips? Would there be any difference in temperature between the 2 chips? The motherboard I am using is an MSI K7T266 Pro if the Palomino is even compatible with it.



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  1. Palamino uses less power than the Athlon (30% less I think) making it a LOT cooler. Also, Palamino adds SSE and SIMD instructions, making it faster under apps that support it. A 1.2 Palamino probably wont be faster than 1.33 in most apps, but if it is same speed it will be faster for sure.
  2. I agree, but don't get the Athlon MP right now because it's overpriced. Wait for the desktop Athlon 4 to arrive and then get it at 1.53GHz.

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  3. Yeah, I'm hoping for a desktop pally to come out before school starts, september 14. If not, I'll just end up with a Tbird 1.4, which is definately fast unuf.


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