Power Surge on USB 3.0 Port Hub

Hey, this is my first post so please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong or it is in the wrong place, thanks :)

I would like to ask about a problem I have been having with my system; quite a while back, Windows started giving me a pop-up notification box from the system tray saying "Power Surge on Port hub: A device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limitations of the port" or something. When I go to click on this notification, it brings up a window with a list of USB ports, one is listed as "Unknown USB Device" and it's in bold. The rest are "Unused port". It gives me an option to either reset the port or close it. I pressed both on many occasions which closes the window and the problem persisted with the notification continuing to appear.

After a few days, my system booted telling me that no keyboard was recognised; in fact, I found out that two of my USB ports had died :( The power worked but not the data (I plugged in a lava lamp which glowed, but it wouldn't recognise devices) I switched ports and the problem went away for a few months.

But now it is back; the same notification saying that there has been a power surge on a port hub. Seeing this, I disconnected the only two USB devices I have connected; my mouse and keyboard, and connected them both to an externally powered hub and re-connected that to my machine. I thought that maybe it would fix it, but it kept appearing... While playing a game, I heard the Windows USB disconnect sound, and my keyboard stopped working, moments later it started to work again and I heard the USB re-connect sound despite that fact that I had not removed the device. It is interesting to note that my mouse didn't fail; and they were both connected to the same External USB Hub.

Now I am worried about another two of my ports dying... Is it possible for a keyboard to malfunction and kill USB ports?

I have an ASUS Maximus IV Extreme Motherboard, and Windows 7. The Keyboard is a cheap wired Microsoft one.

Thanks.... And I'm sorry if I have over-complicated things in my post but I thought I should describe it in detail :)
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  1. Hi! I had a friend with the same problem with windows XP, and it turned out to be a software issue. It would seem that Microsoft has been good enough to have preserved the 'feature'! lol

    This is the best answer I could find:

  2. Heyy, thanks for your reply. :)

    I have connected a powered Hub to a USB expansion slot that connects to my motherboard directly, and the problem appears to have stopped for now. But the weird thing was that it had stopped for a while before, then randomly started again :??:

    Anyway, I'm going to see how this goes, thanks again :)
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