Question about default clock speed.

Just finished piecing together a new amd 1.4ghz system and noticed that it was set at 1054 mhz. How do I set it to it's actual speed or should I just leave it alone?
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  1. what is your board. probabely the FSB is set to 100 MHz. 1400/133 has a multiplier of 10.5 hence 10.5x100=1050. those 4 MHz are minor deviations tat occur on all systems.

    the board must have a jumper that will up the FSB to 133 MHz. chek the manual.


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  2. your mobo fsb must be set to 100.38ish well 100 theyre always a bit off... you need to change it to 133...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
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