VAIO C vs New XPS15 vs Leovo Y560p

Hi I am looking for gaming a laptop

Confused Between the following options

-Sony C series Core i7-2620 processor 4GB DDR3 640GB 1gb AMD radeon 6630
-New XPS 15 Core i7-2720 processor 4GB DDR3 750GB 1gb Nividia GT535
-Lenovo Y560p
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    AFAIK,We don't have anything called GT 535M.Do you mean GT 525M ?
  2. Apologies Its GT 525...I use the laptop for long which model will be suitable for me
  3. 6630M is notably faster than GT 525M in gaming
  4. What about the processor?? Is sony gud for working longer hours?? and what about lenovo Is it as gud as sony or dell
  5. Lenovo has the best quality between them.
    GPU wise, 6630M is the best choice between them.
    In terms of battery life, the Sony VAIO C will give you the most because of having a dual core CPU(compared to quad core ones on the other models)
  6. Maziar......I am bit confused now...My purpose is working long hours on net and play now according to you which is the best out of three or do i need to check HP
  7. Go with VAIO C.Like I said,it has the fastest CPU/best battery life between the choices given
  8. thanks man...i will buy sony
  9. No prob,hope you enjoy it :)
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