Wireless mouse lags on certain USB ports?

So i came to a problem,

im using this wirless keyboard and mouse combo, seem it works fine but here is weird thing, not on all USB ports on my PC. Lets say if i connect wirless adapter to port X it works fine, then i connect to port Y it starts to lag, i connect USB hub, i connect wirless adapter to USB hub's port A that is connected to port Y (on wich it was lagging), it works fine, i connect to port B of USB hub, works fine, i connect to port C of USB hub, i get BSOD.

I connect same combo mouse/keyboard to my laptop port, works fine, i connect to other laptop usb port, it lags. I connect via USB hub on same port i got BSOD on previous PC, it works just flawesly.

What reasons can be of such weird behaviour?
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  1. USB is a shared data bandwidth, so it depends on what other devices are being shared on the same hub. Even your motherboard ports are often shared on one or more internal hubs.
  2. There are no devices on the hub :) i just switch ports of mouse reciever and on some lags on some not :)
  3. Strange. . .
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