Really stupid linux questions

Hi there!

I am building a new box, and due to school, this one is going to need to boot both linux and winxp.

If you don't mind, I was hoping to ask some questions that are likely VERY obvious to you, but please bear with me, I don't really know anything about unix.

What do I need to know about hardware compatibility? Is there any chance I am buying components that won't work under unix? Are there any other issues I should keep in mind when buying hardware? I was thinking specifically about 3d cards, as I heard from a very unreliable source that radeons hated unix, but rather than disregarding it completely, I thought it couldn't hurt to check: because I plan on using the a7n8x, meaning if my 3d card doesn't like it, I can't even get off the ground. (no on board graphics whatsoever, of course.)

thanks for the help. I hear unix is the way to go for anyone who does much real work (as opposed to downloading porn and playing games), but I haven't had any personal experience with it, myself.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
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  1. unix is great for programmers.

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  2. If you get a new version (mandrake 9.0, redhat 8.0, suse 8.1) you'll be fine with virtually any hardware you can think of. Some exceptions may be brand new raid cards, and hardware so old you wouldn't even consider buying it.

    While I've never run a radeon in linux, I've also never heard of them not working completely. I'd think that at worst reasonable case, you wouldn't be able to get hardware 3d acceleration going, but you'd still be able to get your gui up and running without any issues.

    To go with a very safe bet, any nvidia card will work almost guaranteed, and setting up the 3d is relatively simple.

    You shouldn't have any hardware problems unless you go for something extremely exotic.

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  3. It depends on which Radeon you use - ATI has released drivers for the newer cards, and I believe they support 3D acceleration as well.

    For specific hardware concerns, check the HCL of your intended Linux distro (or your Hardware vendor's site).

    Linux is just fine for pr0n (get mplayer with asf support ;-), but full-on 3D gaming is still limited...

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