heat problems (I think), Please Help!

Hi, I have a bit of a problem right now. I just bought a new PC and it locks up after about 15 mins in Win2K. Now, what amazeses me is the fact that I was able to fully install win2K and some programs. Once it was installed and everything, the problems came. The screen would start to scramble up and then a full hardware lockup. So, I checked the temperature on MBM5 and it idles at 60+ degrees C. When I took off the casing and put one of my room fans right at it, lockups stop. Therefore, I'm pretty sure it is a heat problem. I am pretty sure all I need is a better heatsink, but I want to be sure. Could there be any other things I haven't considered? I overclocked it once to 1400MHz, it locked up, so I put it back down. Still got lockups. Oh, one last thing, I cannot hear the delta fans going anymore (I think). I hear a loud screaching sound before, now, just the fans.

MY system:

1.33 GHz T-bird Ajaha stepping (not o'ced)
MSI K7 Master motherboard
Enermax 431w P/S with 2 fans
Leadtek GeForce 2 GTS Pro AGP 64mb DRR
2 case fans
Alpha 6035 heatsink with the small delta (4800 RPM)
Arctic silver II Thermal paste

Thank You
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  1. its the heat problem, and I suppose the case ventilation is not good. are the case fans ok and working in the correct direction? is there a frontal case fan that sucks the air in and a rear fan that throws the air out?

    is the case spacious enough and the cables not obstructing the air-flow?


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  2. Well, my system temp is about 30 degrees C when the room temp is 25. I had a company build my pc, so I'm pretty sure the fans are setup right. One of them came with the case.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by tibou on 08/17/01 11:36 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  3. thats quite okay.
    it seems the HSF is not taking the CPU heat properly. is the thermal paste too thick? try removing the paste with isopropyl alcohol and put back the HSF. it might help.


    <font color=blue>die-hard fans don't have heat-sinks!</font color=blue>
  4. Well I just ordered a new heatsink. The GlobalWin CAK 38. Hope this fixes it. Could it be anything else?
  5. What's the CPU temp when you have a room fan blowing into the case? If it's more than 10 degrees or so cooler than with the case closed then you might want to rethink the case fan arrangement. Try to balance the number of intake fans with the same number of exhaust fans (and don't forget to count the PSU fan as one exhaust fan).
  6. My case is setup like AMD.com says it should be. I have an exermax p/s with intake and exhaust fans and 2 case fans (front and back). My case temp is about 29 degrees C. I think once I get my new heatsink, that the case temperature will go down too.
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