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Safe Mouse Pad?

I just got my new Logitech G9x from Amazon. Ive been using this horribly old mouse pad for quite a while, so I'm looking to switch up to a hard mouse pad. Yet i have heard that some harder mouse pads can tear up your mouse's feet. What would be some good mouse pads to consider? I'm also assuming you can not attain replacement parts (feet and grips) for the G9x. I would like to keep it under 40 USD, not outrageously large, good for shooters, and above all - good my the life time of my mouse.

What about a hard mouse pad that is good for the longevity of my mouse. I heard hard mouse pads can tear your mouse up.

I'm leaning towards the Goliathus Control M
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  1. I have a Razer Goliathus speed, it's great and Razer also do a control version which means the mouse is harder to move. There's a bunch of others so take a look
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    Ultimay said:
    I have a Razer Goliathus speed, it's great and Razer also do a control version which means the mouse is harder to move. There's a bunch of others so take a look

    +1 ^^^^
    And I say that even considering I really don't like or ever recommend Razor products, but I have the Razer Goliathus Control with a Corsair M90 mouse and it's brilliant. The Corsair software has a mouse pad quality detection option where you just move the mouse around and it tells you how good or bad the pad is for that mouse and my Goliathus gets a perfect score. I did have the speed edition at first which is a much smoother with a tighter weave and more silky finish but I personally didn't like it that much and neither did the Corsair software only giving it an OK/Good score, the control has a more open weave and tiny holes like a golfball but much smaller to give more... "Control" surprisingly =)
  3. Using the Goliathus Control edition with a Razer Deathadder, its my first mousepad so I don't have anything to compare too but I can tell its a good one.
  4. What about a hard mouse pad?
  5. I use a Razer Vespula, which is probably one that has been given poor reviews for longevity and perhaps damaging the pads on the mouse. However, as long as you clean the surface regularly, and any time you feel anything but smooth gliding, it'll last quite a while with no issues and no damage to the mouse.
  6. you want longevity?

    use a cloth (foam rubber, cloth surface) mouse pad.

    i've used both hard surfaces and cloth mousepads. i have a 9 year old logitech mouse which still has life in the teflon feet which were rather thin to begin with. my 2-3 year old razer deathadder mouse also has quite a bit of life left in the pads which were larger and thicker.

    hard surfaces (such as the desk top) even though they appear to feel smooth can definitely wear away at the pads. a cloth pad can even help to negate the issue of worn teflon feet as the mouse does slide easier.

    replacement teflon feet are available but may be generic type (which still work).

    my solution will cost you $5 (i do suggest you look for the THICK pads not the typical thin ones) compared to $40 for a hunk of plastic which does not enhance performance noticibly for the price.

    oh, also just go with standard black. logos and contrasting colors affect mouse performance negatively at times.
  7. While I won't disagree with cloth surfaces lasting long and being gentle to a mouse, the hard gaming surfaces are considerably smoother. It is not remotely the same as a desktop surface. The surface is created with tightly space raised bumps that reduce friction. But it is these bumps that can wear away if you let anything get between it and the mouse.
  8. performance wise a $5 cloth mousepad and a $50 hard mousmat are about the same.

    i do agree that there are noticible differences as you stated. i dont know about your house but if i wanted a hard mousepad i would need to clean my pad every day at a minimum. the nice thing about a cloth pad is that a little dust doesnt adversely affect mouse wear.

    not sure what you mean by smoother. that term is relative.

    i suppose we all like what we like. just letting the op know the opposite side of the story.
  9. I just got a Scythe Gaming Surface. Its fast, firm and lots of real estate. :bounce: Best pad I've used to date.
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