Help with new installation of Windows 7 and 2 HDD

Hello all and thank you in advance..

I got 2 hdd both sata 1 main (c:) 750gig and a secondary (d:) older 250gig for mp3 and stuff.
I formated the secondary d: using the format tool from windows and run the win setup to install the new copy into d:.
Both format and instalation done from inside my main windows...
Everything looks cool .. D is formated and windows installed properlly..

with the new istalation when pc boot it makes me choose 2 windows copies
When i choose the new instalation windows shows me D as the OS hdd and C as secondary while with the old instalation C shows as OS hdd and D as secondary...why ????? shouldnt windows set the OS hdd as c: ?????

And something else... When i boot PC from the new instalation HDD d: i get a BOOTMNR error..
when i boot from hdd C: (old instal) it makes me choose,,...

IS something wrong ?
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  1. The drive numbers are assigned by the OS at time of format/installation and don't change unless you reformat the drive

    That is because the boot manager/loader is on the first (750gb) drive. That means when you select to boot up using the second drive, it cannot detect the boot manager for the OS since its is only sacnning the boot drive (second one) which doe not have the boot manager since it is on the first drive
  2. Will this affect my new fresh instalation? i did this because the old HDD was 3 year without format and my pc was really slow....
    Will the new instalation will be performing as fresh or it will be botlenecked or something cause of the old hdd boot?
  3. Well best way is to boot up the old build, move all your files and stuff you want to save and format and install windows to the 750gb drive

    There should not be a performance loss due to the first drive other than having to select the windows os you want to boot to.
  4. thanks man :D
  5. No problem :)
    Oh and its best to put games and OS on the fastest drive you have

    Also the larger disks then to keep their speed longer as they fill up
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