Pentium 4 Xeon vs Athlon MP

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<b><font color=red>Let us be honest here, even at 1.7 GHz, the Pentium 4 Xeon has a hard time competing with the much cheaper 1.2 GHz Athlon MP. SSE and hardware-prefetch used to make the Pentium 4 1.5 GHz slightly faster in some benchmarks, but now that the Athlon is also equipped with these weapons, the Intel chips can only beat AMD's latest in the MP3 and video encoding benchmarks where it is able to flex its powerful 3.2 GB/s DRDRAM memory interface.</font color=red></b>

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  1. athlon mp is destroying xeon in 90% of the benchmarks.
    Funny that athlon mp is alot cheaper than the xeon when it should be the other way around.

    only idiots would buy a xeon.
  2. i wonder how intel will fare when the 4.2gb/s+ bandwidth becomes available to athlon 4s... should prove interesting to see athlon cover up the hole that intel dug for itself...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  3. Jens, while I agree with your sentiment, let's be realistic here.

    Who buys SMP servers mostly?


    Where do businesses buy most of their server equipment from??

    Tier 1 manufacturers like.. Dell, IBM, Gateway, Compaq and HP.

    Is there an Athlon SMP server being sold by any of these companies?


    So, are businesses given much choice in the matter?

    Not unless they switch to 2nd tier manufacturers or build the servers themselves...and most businesses don't want to expend the manpower resources to build their own.

    So, while I agree with your sentiment, folks aren't really being given a choice until at least one or two tier 1 PC manufacturers offer an Athlon SMP system.


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