AOL strikes again: any suggestions?

hey guys, my new system is up and running and i installed aol 6.0 and windows update detected internet explorer 5.5 on the cd so it installed it............the only thing is that it has a friggin aol logo in the little screen at the top right hand corner and it says brought to you by aol, i know it's not really a problem, but it annoys the sh1t out of me, any way to get rid of it?
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  1. Are you talking about the top title bar of IE?? If so, it requires you to modify your Registry.

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  2. I would suggest not using AOL. That's just my personal experience though.

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  3. uhhhh.... If I remember right go into windows explorer and drill down to C:\program files\internet explorer\SIGNUP and delete all the files within that folder. Then to get rid of the text start regedit (start -> run -> regedit) and do a search for the string shown in the title bar (eg: Internet explorer provided by AOL) you shoudl find the key then you can modify it to the string you want it to be. Restart and everything should be normal.

    Some people call AOL bloatware, but I think the term "shitware" fits it more properly :smile:

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  4. aol like microsoft is the one of the true sources of evil...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  5. ok, i think i have everything back to normal as far as i can see. I downloaded ie5.5 from microsoft and reinstalled it to see if it would get rid of the icons but it didn't so i removed the signup folder and removed the "brought to you by america online" heading in the registry. Is there anything else aol could have done to my registry........i'm so pissed off that i'm contemplating reformatting just in case they [-peep-] other stuff up, you think it's worth it or are the icon and message the only thing aols instalation did....because now i have two values in my registry smbrand and some other brand command that direct it to the signup folder for the icons, just wondering if there are any other littleshit tweaks that aol so happily installed for me.
  6. i know everything's all good for you now but i also strongly reccomend against aol. i've personaly had numerous problems with it (before i got my head on and switched) and fredi would ban me if i started spamin the board with all the stories i've heard. the most noticeable, is that you will have a very hard time getting rid of all remanents of it when you switch services. aol thinks it is the one and only provider...

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  7. I once had a annoying logo of PeoplePC when I subcribed it 2 years ago. It seems they replaced your file named Install.ins in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer with theirs. You need to change it back with the one come with Windows when you installed.

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  8. Get a program like Ad Aware, and check for spyware. AOL installed a ton of spyware in version 5, but I don't know about 6...

    I would call them up and complain. They'll surely give you 6 months free. You then call again and get another 6 months. You then call again....

    Actually I wouldn't even use them when they offered it to me for free. I hate AOL...

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  9. Yes, there is, same thing happened to me but with a diff. company....
    Delete the CUSTOM folder in the IE directory....than u should be set =)

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  10. AOL always had been a pain to uninstall, but if you set up two partitions on your HD, one small one (3 - 5gb) for windows, office, aol and most of your apps and anything you don't mind deleting and reinstalling now and then, and then another as a data drive where you keep everything you can't delete or never want to delete (your games like UT because it's a pain in the arse keeping track of your add ons, and of course your porn collection...DID I SAY THAT??!! :eek: ) and then when you change ISPs or when windows starts running like poo then just format the drive you put windows and other deletable stuff on and hey presto your systems as good as new, you havn't had to feck about backing up and you havn't lost your irreplaceable data...

    ...the only shame is it's not the most efficent way to do things from a performance point of view :(

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