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ASUS MX239H vs Dell UltraSharp U2312HM

Hi everyone i am looking for opinions for both of these monitors, as i am looking for a new one. The MX239H costs 229 on newegg and is newer than the dell however on microcenter the dell costs 179 plus shipping. Which one would you get out of these two.

Links for them.


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  1. Both are good.

    If you care about build in speakers or an HDMI port get the asus, if you don't and want to save some cash get the Dell.

    Both are very nice panels and will look good.
  2. 1. Both are good IPS monitors
    2. ASUS is more stylish but U2312HM has more value from ergonomy/functional side
    More is more important for you..looks or function?
  3. I just placed my order a few minutes ago went with the Asus after seeing a few reviews. According to them the Asus is a really good monitor and has a lower response time. Asus had 5ms and Dell has 8ms, the Asus seems to be the better.
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    well I never really pay attention to the reaction time on the paper and just go see the monitor directly.
    I see or recognize no ghosting on U2312HM using ME3 (Mass Effect 3), I guess that is enough for the reaction time issue for me.
    Although, I won't be choosing IPS if I want something fast.

    Both ASUS and Dell use LG IPS panels, if I understood it correctly.

    I see no big differenceon image quality from U2312HM and ASUS MX239H (I am not pro or my eyes are not good enough)

    That is why, I wrote only looks (ASUS) vs ergonomy/function (Dell)

    I must admit, ASUS MX239H is extremely pretty and hard to resist :)

    My U2412M (16:10) will come in the next few days.
    I was also considering at the start only U2312HM or MX239H but I fell in love with U2412M better :)
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