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I've got Asus K7V (as opposed to K7V-T) motherboard (Slot A, VIA KX-133 chipset) with Athlon 500MHz processor. Due to my lack of computing knowledge, I have only recently realised that Slot A type processor is being gradually phased out by AMD, replaced by Socket A type. However, I also found out that there will be Slot A Thunderbird processors made available, I guess to make the transition from Slot A to Socket A less dramatic. My question then is
is it possible to use Slot A Thunderbird with my K7V motherboard without having to dish out more more to buy motherboard which I definitely know for sure will support Thunderbird?
Can someone please enlighten me on this?
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  1. They phased the slot a athlons out almost a year ago dude.
    Did you just recently buy this computer?

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  2. what will you do with that slot A 500?

    I'd say you keep that combo (might find a suitable customer who doesnt care about upgrades and is satisfied with this) and go for a socket A board and processor. you will have newer better hardware onboard. A Athlon Tbird 1.1 GHz with Asus A7A266 board is quite suitable for you.


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  3. You can get a slot a thunderbird for about $52 (pricewatch), but it is not recommended for use with the kx133 chipset. It may or may not work with a bios upgrade from asus. I suggest you find someone to help you install a new motherboard cpu combo, or get a pc kit that is pretested and burned in and comes with a new case and power supply. Save your money until you can afford the 1.4 athlon kit. It is only $230 plus shipping.
  4. Yep, thanks for reminding me... I built the system about two years ago, thinking that all I had to from then on was to buy a new faster CPU... How mistaken I was... since then I have never followed the development until a few weeks ago.

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  5. i'm at about the same place you are. i'm still on my 550 classic, i'm looking for an upgrade (can't afford a new rig right now). most online sites don't put their older stuff on their pages. you might come accross a classic if you e-mail a few webmasters and ask them if they've got any. also check out your local stores, not big places like fry's or anything, but the little localy owned dealers.

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  6. oh, I see another victim of the "AMD easy upgrade path and platform longevity" myth. LOL!

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