I have had a Samsung NC10 netbook for a couple of years now. The screen has recently started to white screen and battery life is now half what it once was so I am looking around before I get the screen fixed.

Ideally I would want something a little more powerful so that I can watch movies and play games when on longhaul flights. The NC10 is otherwise perfect for me in terms of lightness and battery and everyday power.

I looked at ipads but need a solid keyboard and I don't particularly want to give apple money.

I then started looking into ultraportables and came across the Asus UL series:

With a weight under 2kg and a battery life of 9 hours it looks good and is almost certainly powerful enough for me but there are doubts about the keyboard and trackpad.

Does anyone have experience with the UL series and/or are there other ultraportables that fit my remit of:
* under 2kg
* 9hrs+ battery
* decent keyboard
* under $800

Thanks guys
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  1. If you want something with a little more guts, perhaps something like below would be up your alley:

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