Electrostatic Discharge on CPU?


Just bought used Intel Pentium Pro CPU 2 days ago from eBay. As because I am new to both Computer or Electronic especially, I don't know anything about ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) before.

I was unfortunately tried to open the CPU box, grap and touch the CPU with my hands:-( I even also touched the pin (under the CPU) with my hands:-(

Well, as because I don't yet receive my motherboard (still about 2-3 weeks to wait), I cannot test the CPU whether it is still OK or not.

So, just wondering whether doing those things (touching the CPU with hands) is really2 harm to the CPU or not, as because I saw my friends building up his own Computer with his hands, and without Wriststrap to prevent ESD, and it was looks allrite:-)

Thanks a lot for your help, I do really2 appreciate it!:-)


Ivan Adrianto.
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  1. Ivan,

    I have build systems for years now. And have alot of exp with hardware. Though i do recommend you use the strap and make sure you touch the PS to discharge yourself before you touch the sensitive parts of a system you should not worry so much of electric discharge of static.
    Normally touching the cpu or pins with your bare hands will do nothing to it unless your room is charged and might cause a static discharge but dont get paranoid.

    Just wait for your MB and be sure to be carefull once you put it toguether and all should be fine.

    Hope this helps,


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  2. you could be cautious, but dont be paranoid.

    you might take precautions against the ESD but I havent seen any part damaged specifically due to that.

    these days all manufacturers place a diode circuit at every pin (although I doubt it is there on all 300~450 pins on today's microprocessor) that sends this charge straight to the ground pins and spreads it over the surface so that the potential difference between the die and the surface is zero.


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