HEEEELP!1 My system wont power up!!!

AMD T-Bird 1.33ghz
GeForce2 Pro

I just finished putting together my system, but when I turn on the power supply.....NOTHING. No beep, no leds, nothing. Its like no power is going to the mother board.

I'm trying to narrow down the choices/reasons as to why it wont bootup.

1.If I accidentally scratched/cracked the CPU(not saying I did)....would the system still AT LEAST power up and beep?

2. If the drives(floppy, HDD, CD ROM) werent plugged in correctly, would it still at least power up?

3. could it just be a doa motherboard. This board was refurbished.

4. If my video card isnt installed properly would I at LEAST get a beep and bootup?

5.power supply?

I dont think its my power supply, but Im not sure. I had 2 different power supplies and tried both but neither worked. of course they were never tested before so maybe they were both doa.

I just wanna narrow it down to exactly what would cause the system to not even bootup or beep when I turned it on.


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  1. Check the power supply lead going to your motherboard. It connects in the same area as the reset switch, hardrive led, power on indicator light, etc. Also, if your hardrive cable is backwards or the jumpers are set wrong, it will not power up.
  2. Greetings!
    I had a similar problem. I discovered I had left in a spacer under the motherboard which didn't correspond to the boards screw holes. This spacer was shorting out the motherboard and was the reason it wouldn't power on. All the case spacers must corresond with the motherboards screw holes.
    Good Luck!
  3. There are so many things that could cause this, but my money is on incorrect swich header positions. Usually the power switch is not polarity-sensitive, but it may be in the wrong spot. Refer to the mainboard manual for reference. Also be sure to check the simple things like the power supplies' 110/220 switch and the AT/ATX power header that plugs into the mainboard. Even without a CPU in the socket, a system will still power on.

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