Acer aspire 5517 battery not charging

If needed...........How to update bios on aspire 5517 for battery non charging issue. Amber light blinks, indicator reads 5% available (plugged in, not charging)

Thanks, Jody
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  1. How old is the battery/laptop? It could be that the battery is on its way out and you need a new one.
  2. Most likely need to replace battery.

    Do you use AC adapter all(or most of the time)? If yes, you need to remove the new battery from the computer. Charging the battery all the time will shorten its lifetime. The battery will not hold the charge. Batteries are supposed to be charged and discharged. I also happened to me and cost me $250 to replace the battery. I learned my lesson.
  3. electrontau is right!
    Your battery might has been ruined.
    You can try
    I have just bought one from there
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