Cpu Toast?

How can you tell if your cpu is toasted? (broken)
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  1. if it doesnt work it might be dead.

    check in some other known working system, if it still doesnt work, its dead for sure.


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  2. usually you'll have a feeling in the back of your head that tells you that the thing you just did/that just happened may have been really bad....

    Typically if they are crushed/chipped you can tell with visual inspection (possibly with magnifying glass) after cleaning.

    Burnt ones often just smell bad.

    Be carefulas some boards - like ASUS - can go into a 'coma' and be difficult to rouse after a particularily ambitious overclock.

    Make sure you do the equivalent (in pretty much this order) of:

    unplug psu
    remove cmos battery backup
    short 'clear cmos' pins
    remove and reseat memory
    switch between jumperless and jumpered mode (set fsb and multiplier to stock)

    Unless you have reason to specifically worry about your cpu it could be:

    Video Card
    CPU fan (if you just changed the heatsink some boards must have a fan connected and running to the fan header to operate.)

    All are/may be critical.

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