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Will a CPU upgrade help me?

I have a PIII 500 FCPGA 100mhz bus and I want to upgrade to a 850 the machine doesn't support 133 memory or processors I already have the maximum memory at 256 I put in PC133 that is backwards compatible but I'm not sure if the PIII's that have the 133 bus speed would be compatible. Anyway, do you think I will notice the difference with the 850-w/100mhz bus as opposed to the 500?
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  1. Whats your mobo, is its from an oem maker. Also is your current p3 a copermine or katmai. With this info I could answer you question.

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  2. The good news is that ALL FC-PGA processors are Coppermine, meaning you can support all FC-PGA processors. Now, about the 100/133 thing-are you sure that 100 is all your motherboard supports? Most FC-PGA compatable motherboards support 133MHz bus. The 850E is good for a 100MHz bus, but the 800EB (133) will outperform it. Your best choice given the price is the 933. Your best choice for overclocking is the 7090@933. Intel's 810 and 810E chipsets support 133 as do VIA's coppermine chipsets. What motherboard do you have?

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  3. Vaio pcv-r545ds is the model of my PC unfortunetly the documentation doesn't tell me the motherboard specs I have been looking but no luck so far any info would be much obliged as is your help upto now

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  4. ASUS 810 motherboard with an Intel 810A Pentium III 500Mhz with 128K cache, 100Mhz bus speed (Coppermine architecture)
  5. have you opened the case and looked at the board? check the Asus site and see if it looks like the CUW (i810 ATX) or CUW-E (i810E ATX) or CUB (i810 AT) boards. if its a OEM system probabely BIOS wont tell what it is.

    128k cache is interesting, all Coppermine FCPGA P-IIIs have 256kb Advanced Transfer Cache.


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  6. This is odd I looked for the MB info and when I brought the pc it said 500mhz 100mhz bus PIII but on the sony site I found info saying 500mhz celeron 66mhz bus who do I kill ?
  7. Now I'm thinking just upgrade the MB because I'm inclined to believe what the sony website said anyway I already ordered the Pentium III 850E FCPGA 256k 100Mhz Boxed $175.00 do you even think it would work with the MB
  8. First of all, if it has a big silvery die it's a Celeron. If it has a small die where you can actually see the silicon die it's a PIII. The old Celeron won't overclock well beyond 500.
    Now, you can overclock the PIII 500E to 667EB specs by raising the FSB. <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=faq&notfound=1&code=1" target="_new">CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW</A>
    If your replacing your board I definatley recommend AGAINST the 850E, especially at that price! You can get a 700E for less than a bill (that is, under $100), and it will overclock to 933 quite easily, stomping the 850E. The 850E will most likely not reach the same 133MHz FSB because that would be too far for a typical coppermine.

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  9. I haven't been able to check yet but if it is a celeron can I put in the PIII processor

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  10. Yes, you can put any PIII on an i810 chipset!

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