T-bird temps

What is a healthy temp for a 1.33GHz t-bird processor to run at? Also, what is a good case temp?
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  1. Case temp should be about 1-2 C above the room's temp.

    If you get the CPU down to 40C or below, I think you can feel pretty damn good about yourself. :wink: 50-60 is common for the 1.33, and you should have no problems up until 60C.


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  2. I have an AMD 1.33 and it's runnning at 47c under full load, in a hot room, and with AC on in the room, it runs about 43c full load, and at idle, it's usually at 39c-41c.
    The mobo remp is usually at 27c-30c
    My setup is,
    AMD 1.33 GHz 266fsb
    Swiftech 370-a cooler..( great coolers! )
    Asus A7M mobo,
    I personally would recommend ppl look into a better cooling solution if their cpu temp went above 55c at full load and 47 at idle. The AMD cpu is well capable of handling temps above this, but for best performance, cooler is better,esp if you want to overclock. Also, the mobo temp may be why some ppl have probs with their pc's at diiferent temps. In other words this is why some ppl overheat the cpu's at different temps

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  3. anything below 65 is good.

    P.S. the phrase "case temp" is somewhat missleading.
    the second temp your mobo reports IS the motherboard temp... and that is always warmer than the ambient case air temp due to proximity to the CPU, electric current flowing around the board, conductiveness of the board etc.

    so a chip temp below 65 and mobo temp below 30-35 are good.

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