Can CPU fan being off for a few minutes damage CPU

Hello everyone, had a quick question. I bought a retail 1.2 GHz athlon (with an AMD heatsink/fan), however, it seems that they sent me a bad fan. Unfortunately, I did not notice this until the system had been running for about 10 minutes, and it began to do some weird things (null characters popping up in my screen). I know that I can probably exchange this under the warranty, however, I know it will take them forever and a day. Is there a possibility that this CPU is fried? When a processor is overheated (and broken), can it ever be partly burned, eg it still runs but very unstable? I tried another fan/heatsink on it and it at least started up to DOS, so does this mean the proc is ok or should I just send it back?
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  1. do u see burned spots on the cpu chip?
  2. All I see is the crusted jelly stuff that comes on the heatsink (sorry it's late and I can't think of the name) around the center rectangle (the actual CPU i believe), and a darker halo around this rectangle, not super dark, but enough ofa difference in color to see, around the areas wehre it says "assembled in malaysia". Would this be the burn spots you are referring to?
  3. well, according to bbyeans on a thread "The AMD Jump" he claims that he cut the pwr to the fan on his duron system and the chip is still working, so, um I mean where you planning on using your computer?

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  4. get the new heatsink, start the comp see if it starts.
  5. get the new heatsink install it. then start the comp see if it starts.
  6. That's the other thing I wanted to know, so does that mean if the computer starts up the proc isn't burned? I know that right now it at least boots to DOS (it is a new computer and I haven't got anything else on it), does this mean the proc is OK? Or could it still be messed up? Also, if I'm getting a new heatsink, do I have to wash off whatever the last heatsink left behind, and if so, how do I do it?
  7. try for installation of ur heatsink. (at moment i think the site is down)

    if u can start up ur computer and get into windows than ur cpu is ok. a burned out cpu doesnt mean that the performance is degraded but that cpu is no good anymore(ie u can not start ur computer) a cpu is a micro circuit if one path cant function then the cpu can not output the right instructions if any(ie u cant even do simple tasks with a burned out cpu).
  8. Actually it is possible for your PC to have suffered permenant damage and still be usable.

    The power lead to one of my drives fouled the cpu fan and I didn't realise and thus my cpu over heated accordlingly...and was left on for a while like that...

    Anyway the cpu still works but it will no longer work at 200mhz and if you put it in a motherboard that autodetects it as 180mhz. To be on the safe side though I use it at 166mhz but it works fine, without any problems at all

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  9. well i dont understand doesnt ur bios have an option in case u go over the max cup temp allowed to shutdown the comp?
  10. I agree. Replace it. Any Amd Or Intel can and will fry if there no fan on it. And I m not talking about the 200mhzs I talking about 700mhzs and more.
  11. "well, according to bbyeans on a thread "The AMD Jump" he claims that he cut the pwr to the fan on his duron system and the chip is still working"

    Yeah, BUT, I had my BIOS shut down my computer when the cpu reached 70°. Remember, testing that BIOS protection was the sole reason for the experiment. I was not trying "can my Duron sustain 140°C" ?

    Without that protection, his CPU might have gotten 100°C+, and be fried for good. Wouldnt trust it anymore.

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  12. There is something called Latency Defect. WHat that is is this: It may seem like it is working fine now but a month later you might notice lockups and such. The burning would be in the chip since thats where the transistors are. You wouldn't see any burning on the chip itself. It doesn't go in flames you see. I mean burning electronics can go in flames like a monitor i can imagine would but your talkin many more volts then a cpu.

    If you were smart you would take it back and get a replacement. From my understanding t-birds get hot, much hotter then 90 degrees celsius with out a fan and thats where damage can occur.

    You would not see any damage outside of the chip but inside as i would imagine some areas would be a bit worren out.
    In other words it isn't going to last as long as it should and it could die next month or it could die one day after your warranty expires. BTW, the second occasion is most likely since everything seems to die just as your warranty expires!

    just had a tohught if you can keep until the athlon 4 comes out ya know? and then ahh use that as a key chain :) and get the athlon 4!

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  13. No it was a board that came out before all of that...socket 7...

    Your nice new PC might be faster then my 286, but my 286 makes a better door stop :smile:
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