Dual booting windows 7/xp,how do i do it?

I am gonna keep my current drive for xp , however i have ordered another hard drive and 4 ore gigs or memory for windows 7 64bit. Problem is i dont know what to do, i once used 98se,and xp on diferent drives and when the computer started it gave me the option to start in one or the other, so i want to do that again, so i wont have to run a second tower, anyone know how i can do this?
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  1. I have Xp pro installed at work. I have a second drive attached where I installed windows 7. without doing anything I now have the option right after bios screen to boot "windows 7" or "older windows version". So you shouldn't have to do anything. Windows does it for you. I actually ran into the issue where it still does that even after I removed the windows 7 drive. I guess its written into my windows xp drive to give dual boot option.
  2. with mine you have to hit escape to get the boot menu. still pretty easy though.
  3. Thanks for your reply, do i disconnect the xp drive to load windows 7, or just load it up?
  4. I just change primary boot in bios before i put the cd in i was kinda scared i would lose stuff but it turned out fine.
  5. thanks decen, i was kinda gonna try that, i have everthing backed up so im good to go
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  7. Thanks for the info scotteq, exctly what i was looking for
  8. Windows 7 has an XP mode run XP 32 bit application.

    Use acronis disk director to manage multiple OS on one or multiple drives. It has an OS selector that puts up an menu to allow you to select which OS do you want use.

    No bios change no disconnecting of drives during installation of another OS. I have a multi-OS environment Windows Vista Ultimate-64 and Ubunto(Linux). I can create another partition in case i wish to install XP without bios change or disconnecting my drives.

    Its $39 or $9.00 after mail in rebate.
  9. Hmm I didnt know about the BCD thats why i have to hit escape and select my boot by hdd. Now i know, still wont bother. :??:
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