Windows 7 cannot reboot if I use the option to shut down

Hi I have had this laptop about four months now, its a lenovo N585 and I am really worried one day it would just give up on me because it doesnt get a chance to really rest, I cannot shutdown my computer the only option is available is hibernation because when i shut it down and put it back on the only screen i get is a blank screen with my cursor showing nothing else and i have left it like that for hours at a time waiting for it to start back but it never did I took the battery out and put it back in and that was the only time it came back on full swing and i had to wait 3 hrs for it to repair itself because it couldnt start any other way..PLEASE HELP ME, I always have to find ways to speed up my computer because it slows down ever so often and now it cannot even run facebook without sticking please help
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  1. I think there is a problem with the hard drive. I'm not sure if this model has a built in utility to check the hard drive. Try to go to the Bios and look for hard drive diagnosis, if it's available just run the test. You may consider backup the data and replace the hard drive. The hard drive could be bad or has some bad sectores.
    The other way; Remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer by using SATA to USB Cable and run the hard drive test using CMD or Command line and run this command: chkdsk "drive letter" /r. You just put the drive letter without "" for example if the drive letter is E then it will be chkdsk e: /r and hit enter. At the end if you notice many errors in the volume then the best way is to replace the hard drive.
  2. Hi

    Most Hard Disk Manufacturers produce a DOS bootable diagnostic disk image
    (burn to CD with ImgBurn) and a Windows Diagnostic program)

    Seagate's DOS bootable CD image & Western Digital's Windows Diagnostics will run on other brands of hard disk

    These are better than chkdsk as chkdsk running repair may make damage worse

    If you have not already done so back up to USB devices, DVD or network shared disk etc asap

    Mike Barnes
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