memory bandwidth low in sisoft sandra, please help

hi, i just ran the memory benchmark for sisoft sandra and my ALU RAM bandwidth is 417MB/sec and my FPU/RAM bandwidth is 531MB/sec, i'm pretty sure this is lower than what it should be because i have seen higher results and the results it compares it too are also higher. i'm pretty sure it should be around 573 but it's not for some reason, any tips? I have 512mb crucial pc2100 cas2.5 ram on an asusa7m266 1.4ghz also i have a raid0 configuration and the benchmarks are lower than a compared system at tx2, anything i could do to enhance that score?
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  1. I get 585/615 or so with my PC133.

    Read Tom's BIOS tuning guide. It'll help a lot.

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  2. what FSB are you running at? If at 100/100 that is just a bit off normal but if you are running at 133/133 then someithg is definatly wrong. we need more infor. Post your FSB, memory speed and all your memory timings.

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  3. fsb is 133 mhz pc2100 cas2.5 512 mb crucial ram, what should i topic, my agp apeture is set to 256 should it be at 512?
  4. Well, that AGP aperture size is huge. Mine is set to 64 megs. I sincerely doubt that my GeForce 3 (64MB) is going to have to use system memory.....

    Those scores are wayyyy low. Mine clocked in around 20 pts below when running CL=2 w/512 PC2100 DDR from Mushkin compared to their base CL=2 DDR RAM.
  5. what should i do?? i am cluless when it comes to memory, i just kinda hoped it would work, but it seems something is kinda......very wrong.
  6. That is quite low for DDR. About your agp aperture size - half of your current ram is a good figure. So 256 is the optimal setting for 512MB of ram. Make sure the CAS settings are correct and tune your bios according to Tom's earlier article. Also for a speed boost change your virtual memory settings (assuming you are using windows 9x)
    if you haven't already. Manually set the min and max settings to be identical. Change it to the smallest value you feel comfortable with (eg. 128MB). If you ever get out of memory errors - just increase it.

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  7. Well your agp aperature size is too large IMHO but I don't think that is a problem. Try running the tests using one stick of RAM in slot 1. Then run the same test with the same ram in slot2. Repeat with the other stick. Tell me if you notice any major discrepancies. I am suspecting an issue occurs when both sticks are installed.

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  8. When i changed my agp apeture from 65 to 128 my gf3 gained 1000 pts in 3dmark2001, its best to use half your system ram.

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  9. I once was setting AGP Aperture at 256 (I have 512MB PC-133) in my Asus A7V133, and 3DMark 2001 dropped more than 200pts. At 128MB AGP's, it does best.

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  10. I have ,mine set to 128, never tried 256(only 256 of ram heh)

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  11. ok so i just tuned the bios according to toms bios guide but it only upped my score a few points, now i have 448 ALU and 571 FPU what could be so messed up?? I'm gonna try using one dimm now and see what happens.
  12. after reformatting the hd and relinstalling everything i finally found out what the problem was, but you won't believe this. My scores are perfect when i don't have my Lexmark printer software installed, but when it is installed, my scores are [-peep-].............why the hell would this be happening, and how the hell am i going to use my printer now?
  13. Looks liek your prinyer drivers eat recources beyond belief, try going to the Lexmark Website and get updated printer drivers and the newest revision of the software for it......(thats is if you really need the software, if you dont use it dont start now) but try updated Printer drivers off the Lexmark web site.....

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  14. My guess is that your printer software has a resident program running....turn it off and only start it when you need it ( by the way your printer wil still work without it).

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