Will my tv do good enough for gaming?


I am making a build around the i7 3770k, gigabyte ud5h mobo and hd7970 and I wanted to know if my tv would do good enough for gaming. If I could save myself from buying a new monitor that would be great. I mostly use my tv for watching cable, ps3 and the new build.

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  1. Perfectly fine. I use a 40" sony myself.

    If you run out of hdmi ports use a hdmi switch.

    If video doesnt fit to full size fix overscan to 0 in ati catalyst
  2. It depends on your expectation.

    PC monitors have better image quality and faster respond from my opinion.
    TV is not bad and yes you can use it for games.

    I choose not to use my TV for PC games, I prefer an IPS image quality with higher resolution or a quick TN panel than a TV.
    I use my pc monitor also to watch movies, if I am alone.

    I use my TV only if I want to watch movies with my friend (not alone), I do not have extra blue-ray player or media player. I rely fully on my PC to do them all.
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