Need help picking a mechanical keyboard

This will be my first mechanical keyboard.I took this quiz on, but i don't like the keyboards that it picked for me. These are the answers i answered i'd thought might help.
1) Pick your mechanical keyboard's primary use.
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Gaming Typing Even mix of gaming and typing.

2) What is your mechanical keyboard budget?
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3) What is your primary Operating System?
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4) Do you prefer fullsize keyboards? no i want these

5) Are you sensitive to noise or will you be using the keyboard near individuals sensitive to noise?

Yes, moderately. I can't stand the clicks but the bumps are fine

6) If you're currently using a membrane keyboard (98% of keyboards), describe the force required to activate the keys.

About right

7) Do you want a backlit mechanical keyboard?


8) Describe your preference in stock key caps.
don't know

9) Do you require built-in USB ports?

10) Not including 'modifier' keys like CTRL and Shift, how many keys will you need to press simultaneously?
Never more than 6 - I play fps games and rts games like starcraft
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  1. So you want a ten keyless board (no num-pad on the far right), don't care for backlighting and USB porst and are on a budget of $50-100.

    Something like a Coolermaster Quickfire Rapid might be good for you. They are fairly cheap as mechanical keyboards go and seem to suit what you want. Given your usage and sensitivity to noise, would go for a Brown keyswitch optimally, with Red or Black if you cant.
  2. are brown key switches louder or red/black switches?
  3. Brown switches are like quieter Blues, so are best for typing if noise is a concern. Red is similar to Brown but more leaned toward gaming than typing. Black is the quietest, but wouldn't really use that as its not a key-switch really optimized for anything.
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