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January 14, 2003 5:32:41 PM

From what I understand, Win2k is THE most stable platform on the market. Win98 was nice and reliable for its time, but Win2k came around and put it to shame. Then, WinXP came along and from what I understand...its not quite as stable as Win2k. Plus..I hate those stupid reprots it's always wanting to send to microsoft. I can get any version of Windows that I want for free...And I'm leaning just a smidge more towards 2k. I heard that XP has some problems with some older programs, and 2k has always enticed me. As far as stability goes...2k or XP?

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January 14, 2003 7:49:07 PM

You can turn off the error reports.

I would go for XP over 2K hands down if you're getting it for free. I've never had XP crash. The only time it has acted up is when bad software has been installed (Quicktime 3.0, Old HP CD-RW software). XP just disables the troublemaker driver and lets you know. From there you just do a system restore and you're back on your feet 2 minutes later.

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January 15, 2003 1:53:55 AM

w2k+sp2 is the thing I am always going back to after giving "another shot" and fighting with XP for a week or so during last year. Problems with w2k networking, problems with dial-up, crappy game play, "supersmart" Explorer drops down when I did not ask it to, you name it...

PS: overall XP was not really finished, rushed out, release, SP1 fixed lots of things, but I like the eye candy though.

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January 19, 2003 4:02:24 AM

W2K and XP pro are very similar, most differences are just clicking differences and display stuff. I went through the same thing...dual booted xp pro and 2k for a while, I really don't have any complaints w/ either. I like the way 2k handles networking a little bit better. XP tries to set everything up on its own, which is cool if you don't know what your doing, but for me that was kind of a drag...Either way you should be happier than w/ 98!!!