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Well, this female friend of mine, she said she was trying to open microsoft word, but it told her some new installation was happening at the time, so she could never open it. A tech friend of hers, told her that her harddrive was corrupted, so she should create a system disk or something.
She did that, restarted, tried to use the system disk to back up her harddrive, and voila. Harddrive says missing os from then onwards. I created a bootable USB stick, but sony seems to (something I can't say respecting forum rules) so I can't find the boot menu, when I try to change to boot order it still tells me missing OS. So anyone, please, any advice or tips or tricks. She said she needs whatever, she just needs her laptop to work.

from what I can see, the system specs are as followed;

Sony Vaio Model: PCG - 61A14L
She said Windows 7
Core I3 processor
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  1. Also I tried booting from a CD tried my old Windows Vista disk, that's what I use when something goes wrong with my PC and I need to access my windows 7 image. It created a lot of damn noise, then it just jumped back to that missing OS screen.
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    could you check her hard drive in a exteral box on you pc maybe she have a boot virus or the drive itself is having something .
  3. what is the other part number of that model the vcegxxxxx ?
  4. Well the product name is VPCEG11FX I don't have an external box :(
  5. that her system and it came with 7 64 bits you got all you need to reinstall it from driver to test
  6. Not to be a nuisance scout... but I don't understand...

    Update, I took out her harddrive, put it to my PC installed windows on it, booted it up in my PC it worked. Put it back in her PC and it says "Missing os"
  7. since it is a sony it could that the have something written in the bios and does not see anything but the oem os they have ,she should contact them to find out,there also could be someone else on the forum that encounter this before stay around .
  8. Also another update, she had the HDD completely formatted...
  9. he had erase the recovery part and what kind of disc he ask her to made .
  10. Umm he asked her to make a Windows recovery disk.

    Update. Again... Now when i hit F2 or F10 (Which I found out is to use boot mode the screen goes black and nothing happens)
  11. One more update, now after it passes the bios screen. It's just a black screen... nothing is happening.
  12. did you try to start with the recovery disc but look at the user manual to find witch key will start the recovery process .
  13. I tried that...
  14. check the bios if it see the drive or at least detect it also maker shure the drive is fully seated in the laptop socket .
  15. Hey scout, thanks for still replying. I did that, it detects the drive, I've reseated it about a dozen times. I'm gonna go buy a new HDD and try to swap it out okay?
  16. before you buy one do you have another drive that you could use for test that will fit in the laptop .
  17. No I have another laptop though haha, but it's HP and the drive didn't fit.
    Scout for the record I really appreciate this help man. I really do. :) She's going to get the HDD tomorrow, if it doesn't work, she can just take it back.
  18. Hey I completely forgot to come back and close this. But I swapped out the harddrive, and it worked.
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