Hello I Just got this blue screen and got one the other day to, but can't remember if it said the same thing in the error but this one said PFN_LIST_CORRUPT also had this stop code stop:0x0000004E, I tried typing this on google but really not sure what to do because im not very good at this sort of thing the PC is only 1 month old. I will list my PC specs aswell not sure if you will need them.

CPU - I5 2500K
GPU - HD 7850 2GB
RAM - 8GB Kingston 1600mhz
Mother Board - Gigabyte Z77P- D3
Intel 60GB SSD which windows is installed on
250GB Hard drive for storage

Thanks and hope there is a solution.
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  1. Generally this is a indication of memory corruption in the windows internal Page Frame Database (tracks physical memory). it can be cause by bad drivers writing to memory it does not own and It can be caused by bad memory (or memory with incorrect memory timings set in BIOS)

    your system should have a minidump, use whocrashed.exe to take a first stab at finding the problem. You can also put the dump on a cloud site and someone can connect a debugger to it and see the problem (sometimes)

    You can also run memtest86 to test your memory and prime95 to test your CPU.
    otherwise the minidump is your best chance to get the problem resolved.
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