Network file save problem, major delay

(I've photoshopped out the personal details in the pathnames.)

This is the dialog the user gets when trying to save a file to his own My Documents on a W2K3 AD system. Offline files are enabled. This particular message is from Microsoft Word 2007, but it happens in all programs (including, for example, Notepad). User is running Win7-64.

The message will appear for up to 45 seconds while the file is saving. This does NOT happen when saving a file locally (e.g., to the Desktop) and does NOT happen when saving to a network location that is not cached offline (e.g., a shared group directory).

Anyone seen this?
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  1. Globe199,

    It is normal to see a dialogue box when a file is being saved to a remote location...what exactly are you asking?

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  2. Sorry if I was unclear in my message...I realize now it was a bit rambling :) I've never in my nine years of desktop support seen this.

    It only appears when the user is saving to his My Documents on the server and it can take up to 45 seconds. It does *NOT* appear when saving to a network location that is not being cached offline (via Offline Files).

    Basically my question is, what is causing the delay? And how do I fix it? Thanks.
  3. Globe199,

    Okay. Now I understand. It is normal to see this window when files are being saved to the server (especially when locations are being cached and are made accessible offline). With that said however, it is NOT normal to have a 45 second delay.

    To answer your question I would need to know more information about your network and server. Does this happen to all users? Are all users granted permissions? Do you have GPOs set?

    What version of Server are you using?


    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  4. Jessica, thank you again for the reply. I'm not the server admin, but it's 2003 or 2008, I can't remember. It's only happening to this user; he is the only person with permissions to this server area. What about reinitializing the offline cache? Is that even relevant in Win7 anymore? His machine is 64-bit Win7 with 8GB RAM.

  5. Globe199,

    You could still try to reinitialize the offline cache... But let's check a few things first:

    I understand you aren't the Server Admin but do you happen to know what permissions this user is granted and if the permissions are classified under a group?


    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  6. Well, what permissions do you mean? It's only happening on the user's own (personal) server directory. Example:

    \\\home$\username\My Documents
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