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Hello fellow geeks!

I often get asked questions on which laptops to get for different users, but this recent user is making me crazy. :pt1cable: I would appreciate some assistance and opinions. Finding the proper specs for the user is no problem, but this particular person is very picky with aesthetics and so I need to find computers that conform to their taste of style.

I feel the user needs to have at least the baseline specs shown here at a $600 price point. Obviously better is always good.

CPU: i3-i5 (Sandy if possible)
HDD: 320GB+ 5400rpm+
Screen: 14in – 15.6in user preferred 14, but would “live” with 15.6
GPU: Integrated is fine, but I think it would be good for the user to have an expansion slot if they want to add a GPU later.
1 HDMI port
CD/Drive (Some 14in models lacked a CD/DVD Drive and that is a deal breaker.)

Color: User doesn’t like plain “plastic” black. They want color other then black or a really well done black computer.
Keyboard: User is extremely picky with keyboard. Shows large interest in the Sony VAIO \ MacBook keyboard style.
Touchpad: User dislikes the dimpled design in favor of a smooth design. I feel the dimple design it will grow on them if they use the dimple pad more however.
Weight: >=6lbs

I’ve directed the user to VAIO laptops that seem to conform to the users aesthetic taste, but am curious of alternatives.

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  1. Hello FM;

    When I saw the mention about being "picky with keyboard" Lenovo came to mind. IMO I think they get it right with the keyboards.
    Out right now is the new SB Lenovo Z570 15" and it comes in at right about your price target $600 for i3, $650 for i5.
    The use the island/chiclet type keyboard you mention, and I think it has all your other points covered.
    Lenovo Z570 data sheet

    14" Z470 due out in May might also be a target. - Lenovo Z470 data sheet.

  2. Might end up above your budget but the new Dell Inspiron 14R might also be an alternative- it has core i3 sandy bridge and switchable lids (additional lids for extra cost of course)
  3. The Lenovo Z-370 13" laptop also has a DVD drive.
    Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 13" notebook $602 in 'charcol brown'
    Core i3-2310M CPU & Intel HD Graphics 3000, 4.4lbs. The list a Geforce 410M graphics card as an option but I think might be too close to the HD 3000 in performance to deal with.
    Lenovo Z-370 datasheet
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