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I have a Toshiba L300 Laptop, and installed winxp and it is working no problem.

When i try to install win7 after loading setup files, there appears a blank blue screen.

I have changed the HDD, Rams, connected to a External VGA monitor, but still showing the same blank blue screen.

highly appreciate if someone could help

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  1. It's a older laptop and might not support windows 7. Have you upgraded it?
  2. thanks for the reply,

    yes tried to upgrade, and clean install as well.

    but still the same error, also changed in the bios to achi to compatibility.
  3. This problem could happen to not legitamite copies of windows. Are you sure its a paid for copy? And if it is then the problem could be windows thinking it isnt
  4. this is a orginal copy, I have purchased this last week to install to this laptop.
  5. I tried installing Ubuntu.. during the installation computer restarts..

    any idea freinds
  6. Can you boot into the bios and then boot into safe mode? And how many times have you tried to install windows 7
  7. I can go to the bios and config, i have tried installing win7 3 times now, after the setep is loading files process bar, there appears a a blue screen, but i can install and work with win xp.
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