computer won't wake up from sleep state

i have an asus a7m266 with a 2 drive raid 0 configuration with a promise card and a 1.4 ghz proc running win2k and whenever i go into sleep mode the hds spin down but the computer will never wake up from sleep, is there anyway to wake it up....what's the best way to leave your computer when you're not using it anyway, i know most people leave it on, but should it be asleep?
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  1. Hi, try reading the FANTASTIC manual...I know ...that usually has a lot of info about that kind of stuff.

    I think it's maybe because you've forgotten to set some jumpers?

  2. Sounds familiar.. I have an MSI K7T Turbo Raid with Promise 2+0 raid.. resuming doesnt work.. not in 98, not in win2K.. In XP it will even crash when going in standby OR hibernate. Tried about everything (bios, drivers, ...), and finally gave up. Wonder wether it has to do with the promise raid..., cause I seem to recall it worked just fine under W2k b4 I configured the raid.. and XP (RC1) gives me a message that contains something about the promise drivers...

    ---- Owner of the only Dell computer with an AMD chip
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