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I am facing a problem from last night. I dont know if its windows related problem or h/w. So i posted in windows 7 forum as i am thinking its a OS problem.

last night when i shutdown my pc it got restarted, i thought it was my mistake. But this issue happened in today morning also. I have to shutdown my PC twice to let it shutdown properly without restarting..

I face this issue few months before also, and during that time i was facing another OS related problem so i formatted my drive and performed a clean install. After that this issue never happened until yesterday night. Can anyone help me? Let me clarify one thing that this is not a virus problem.
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  1. I would run a disk scan and system file checker. Type the following into CMD:

    chkdsk /r (will require a reboot)

    sfc /scannow
  2. already tried chkdsk but will surely try sfc option. thanks for the reply
  3. any other solutions?
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