Windows 7 wont install on blank/formatted SSD

So I  formatted my SSD. So there is no Windows on it and I am not able to access windows 7 on it. so I put in my CD went along with the install until it asked me where I want to install it to. Of course I chose my SSD. However it gave m his terror message The selected disk has an MBR partition table. on EFI systems, Windoed cak only be installed on GPT disks."

Please help D:
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  1. When you boot from the windows disc you will get the option to format your partitions. Did you try to format that way?
  2. yes I did format the drive through the windows CD. After formatting it, all the buttons grey out (such as create new partition etc).

    I saw someone mention something about the motherboard being EFI and the disc or hdd being EUFI. Or possibly vice versa.
  3. check bios configuration
  4. check if the disk is AHCI in the BIOS
  5. I will suggest you make sure you have the latest Motherboards BIOS Updates and SSD Firmware Updates
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