Noisy system?

I'm planning to build an Athlon-based system. 1.4GHz, Why not, eh?

I have tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears) that can be aggravated by a machine that's too noisy. Thus, I'm looking to build a machine that will be at least moderately quiet.

I'd appreciate comments and suggestions on my planned system, described below.

Also, I've seen comments about putting an extra fan into the case. Is this necessary, and, if so, what are the noise implications?

I'm not planning to overclock, and I live in a climate where the temperature never, ever exceeds 80 degrees F.

I hope this is the right forum section. Thanks to much.


My tentative shopping list
Enlight 7237/300w (unless there are noise issues)
ECS K7S5A Mobo
AMD 1.4GHz/266MHz FSB w/Coolermaster EP5-6i11 (Arctic Silvered)
256M PC2100 DDR (non-parity, non-ECC, I guess?)
Kyro II 4500 64MB with TV OUT or AT Radeon w/TV out
40G IBM 7200 rpm Deskstar
Lite-On 16-10-40 CDRW (people seem to like it)
Pioneer 16X 106s slot-feed DVD (same as above)
Creative Labs 56K modemblaster
Samsung 3.5 floppie drive
MS Internet KB
MS Intellimouse Optical Mouse (Explorer?)
NIC on Mobo
Sound on Mobo
Plan to run sound thru video receiver
An extra case fan ??
Windows 2000
Sylvania F97 19" monitor (Costco)
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  1. Get a 1.33ghz processor and a silverado, AND DO NOT OVERCLOCK IT, 1.4 will run on a silverado, but the additional heat probably isnt worth the extra 66mhz.

    have 2 case fans, one in the bottom, pulling in, one on the top pulling out, that should be a whisper quiet system.

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  2. ahhhh.
    this is my specialty :)

    to start...

    1. see if you can find a quiet power supply. they do alot for noise

    2. you CAN run without casefans, however that means the only things letting the heat out is natural convection air currents and the PSU. on the good side of things there are many 80mm casefans out there that run very quiet. of course they wont pull much air but a minimum of one at the back should be sufficient to draw away the really hot air from around the cpu/psu.
    i put 2 x 80mm x 2800rpm and barely noticed the difference.

    3. cpu cooling is a bit more dicey. best bet for you would be a high quality HS attached to a slow speed fan for medium cooling. possibly a silverado?
    another ive seen recently which holds much promise is the Tornado win-7528. its a copper/aluminium HS designed to be mated with a big 80mm fan. so you get decent airflow with minimal noise (no 7000rpm whines). have yet to find any decent reviews on it though.

    4. go for quiet drives. nuff said.

    5. sound absorption(sp?). what i did was stick 2 5" squares of high frequency sound adsorbing foam on the inside of my case, directly above the cpu fan. reduced the noise somewhat. you could cover most of the inside of your case like that, but the temp will probably rise due to less airflow and less transmission of heat through the aluminium frame & pannels.

    6. case position. hide it behind the desk. not on top. that will help somewhat. if its still to noisy sonsider more sound adsorbing on the outside, maybe a shroud for the rear.

    thats all i can think of for the moment.

    call me if you need more info

    I'll respect your comments & opinions, even if i disagree with them, Provided you display maturity.
  3. That HSF you are planning to get is the same HSF AMD uses on their retail CPUs, therefore, the noise would be quite low.

    Like the other guys said, there are adequate case fans as well as PS that aren't deafening, you just have to look at ther dBA...anything under 28 dBA will be good for you.

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  4. I purchaced my box with Coolermaster DP5-6H51 HSF.It kept a hellish noice,so I tossed it.I have a 1.2AMD with 80x80 CPU fan and the system is really quiet now,but it runs a bit too hot even with the Vcore lowered to 1.55V.
    A 1.33 with Silverado sounds good.
  5. I'm so glad you asked, since I just spent all weekend trying to get my Duron system as quiet as possible. Here is what I did:

    1) get an Enermax PSU
    2) get a Silverado Noisecontrol !!
    3) get lots of quiet big fans
    4) get a MacPower DigiDoc 5
    5) get a big case.. HUGE if possible
    6) get "isomo" or another insulating foam

    Okay , the Enermax PSU's are supposed to be the quietest psu's on the market. I got a 350w that with a thermo controlled fan. Now, there is a known issue that I encountered with these PSU's; the thermal probe is not well positioned in the airflow, resulting in a PSU thats only quiet for about 10". Enermax is sending out modified psu casings to solve the issue, I'm still waiting for mine..

    The Silverado is a MUST HAVE. Its dead quiet, and cools pretty well, depending on what cables you use. It comes with 6v,8v and 10v cables. Depending on your requirements, you select a cable. 10v is supposed to handle 1.4's just fine, and of course you can simply supply default 12v to get "ultra" cooling performance. Please note the SIlverado requires TWO fan headers, since there 2 fans on the thing (the cables offer 2 fan headers each).

    Next thing I did, was install the DigiDoc 5. This is one cool gadget. Not required, but real fun, and also slightly usefull. it fits into a 5,25" driver bay and offers 8 fan headers, up to 8 thermal probes, and a groovy display. The idea is to place a probe, attach a fan, and define a treshhold temperature above which the degignated fan will be actived.

    I attached both my Silverado fans to the digidoc, placed a thermal sensor on the cpu, and configured the digidoc to start fan 1 (8v) above 40° and fan 2 (6v) above 50°. I know this is rather hot for a Duron @933, but the idea was to have a QUIET system (both fans connected all the time @6v gives me 37° iddle 42 max).

    I installed all the other fans, and configured them as such:
    1) 100mm exhaust fan, 8v, >30 case temp
    2) 80mm HD fans, 6v > 35 HD temp
    3) 100mm inlet fan, 6v > 33 case temp

    Since Im still waiting for the PSU mod, I disconnected the rear fan of the PSU, plugged it into my DigiDoc, placed a sensor on the cooling element,and configured it to run once the PSU got > 40. Disadvantage is that you loose variable speed, its either on or off, but connected at 8v, its still quiet when its on (rarely).

    Last thing I did was put isomo (styrofoam ? not sure how you say that in English) around my drive cage, and on the inside of the case panels.

    The result ? Silence.. and I really mean its almost as silent as my portable. When I really stress the thing (like running defrag and Prime95 together for an hour) most fans kick in from time to time (CPU and rear exhaust fan all the time), but the DigiDoc is so fast, the fans dont even spin up to 100% speed before the temps are lowered below the treshold, and the the fans are killed again. You hardly notice this process.

    My only wish for the Digidoc was that it would allow fan speed control, by adjusting the voltage... like setting a minimum tresh hold temperature (would result in 6v) and a maximum (full 12v). Maybe the next version ?

    Anyway, good luck, and let me know I can be of any further assistance

    ---- Owner of the only Dell computer with an AMD chip
  6. i have a fan in my room and i can't here the computer even when it is on low
    i have a 80 in the back and a 60 in the front along with the the psu

    it was a lot louder when it was on a table but know that i have in in a aerea that some what coffines the sound it has gotten a lot better

    ohey it is a 1.2 and it has a retail heatsink on it

    and i can hard ly here it over the tv right know

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  7. Hmmm. Get a "quiet power supply." I've poked around a fair bit -- learning about the various components of the machine -- but I've found no source that rates components for sound. Do you know of such a site? Or can you suggest a case/power supply?
  8. What aboput the enlight case I listed, is it reasonably quiet? And/or can it be made quiet? I see a lot of resources on the web (and in the kind responses to my message here) that will permit me to quiet down my machine. But I'd like to start off with a case/PS that won't defeat those efforts. Of course, it would be wonderful to go out and buy a specialized components that are super quiet, but budget considerations won't allow that. Instead, my strategy is to start with something with reasonable sound charecteristics ... and then tweak it with sound deadening, enclosure tricks, maybe even fool around with rheostats to depower the fans. But I need some suggestions on reasonably priced case/PS setups. Any thoughts?
  9. I have that case/PS, and I have to say that it is reasonably quiet. If you can afford it, you can get a $50-$60 silent power supply and put it in a $15 case.

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  10. i think most power supplies are much the same noise wise, but most people think enermax is one of the better brands in the busness... so it wouldnt hurt to get one of them.

    I'll respect your comments & opinions, even if i disagree with them, Provided you display maturity.
  11. Quote:
    My only wish for the Digidoc was that it would allow fan speed control, by adjusting the voltage... like setting a minimum tresh hold temperature (would result in 6v) and a maximum (full 12v). Maybe the next version ?

    I have one and I agree about the fan speed, that would be nice. Other than that I highly recomend it for all who that are considering one. My system is a lot quieter and I have full control of the temperatures.

    Just got back from searching the local electronics store for a 2wire 4 connection manual variable speed controler, someone said to me once to use a light dimmer controler for fans. Any suggestions/ideas?

    Medication helps :smile:
  12. Have a look here
    and here

    Great resource !

    ---- Owner of the only Dell computer with an AMD chip
  13. I heard the new digidoc 5 has a varible speed control. I don't know I could be wrong though.

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