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Need help finding a cheap laptop

My mothers laptop crapped out the other day, and from what we can tell, its most likely the motherboard. Since its out of warranty, its probably better just to get a new laptop. Since last time she just grabbed the cheapest laptop at Microenter (an eMachine), I wanted to get some advice before she goes looking for another.

She mainly uses it for: web browsing, checking her mail, YouTube, office stuff. Basically, something for small business and personal use.

It needs to be as cheap as possible.

Also, we live in Michigan, USA, and the broken laptop is a e627 kawg0

As a side note, anyone know what to do with a dead laptop(minus the hard drive)?
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  1. You can turn the HDD into a USB backup device with an inexpensive external case.
    Beyond that the best option for an old laptop is parting out the still working parts if you can find anyone willing to buy them on Ebay, etc.

    Based on your requirements it shouldn't be hard to find something decent @ $400 or under.
  2. Lenovo G560 15" notebook $400
    Pentium P6200 2.13GHz (part of the i3/i5 family) 2GB Memory RAM 250GB HDD 15.6" LCD w/ Intel HD Graphics

    HP Pavilion G6-1A30US 15" Notebook $350 @ OfficeDepot
    HP Pavilion G6-1A30US Athlon II P360 Dual-Core 2.3GHz 3 GB RAM, 320GB HDD 15.6" 1366.768 LCD w/ HD 4250 graphics
  3. HP G62 15" notebook $370
    Pentium P6200 2.13GHz (part of the i3/i5 family) 3GB Memory RAM 320GB HDD 15.6" LCD w/ Intel HD Graphics
  4. Those look good, but is there anything cheaper? Money is really tight right now. Although I did guess that a new laptop would be at least $300, so the $350 one looks really tempting.
    To bad it says it expires today, cant get anything until the next paycheck.

    And thanks for the advice on what to do with the dead laptop.
  5. Let me browse around a bit more.
    How do you feel about re-conditioned/re-certified laptops?
  6. re-conditioned/re-certified are fine.
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    I checked the local MicroCenter and didn't see any refurb/recertified laptops in the price range you wanted.

    I also checked TigerDirect and the only under $300 models I thought were worth looking at were "off lease". A Dell Latitude D630 C2D @ $290 and Lenovo ThinkPad R61 @ $300
    Off lease is a lower-grade option below refurb/recertified and usually have a 90 day warranty. I can't recommend something like that.
    Especially when you get a decent new laptop with warranty for @ $350.

    If you want to keep checking on good deals I like to use Dealigg and LogicBuy
    You probably want to avoid the 'Netbooks and also the Notebooks with Netbook CPUs (AMD E-350 or Intel Celeron 900 for example)
  8. An example of the Notebook with Netbook CPU: oshiba Satellite C650D-ST3NX2 15.6-in AMD Laptop $329 with AMD E-350 CPU.
  9. Thank you, I'll definitely keep an eye on those two sites. Your advice has been really helpful, and will make it much easier to get a good laptop once were able.

    I showed my mom what you've said, and she says thank you as well.
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